Amy Clark and Scott Thomson's Wedding

Scott and Amy at Thanksgiving

Amy L Clark and Scott Thomson are particularly grateful for the love and support of their parents Wayne B. Clark and Christine and Michael Curci, and Peter and Joyce Thomson.

cultural center

The ceremony will be preformed by Amy and Scott's friend
Allison Dunn, PhD
, who obtained special one-time permission from the Governor's office to officiate and sanctify the wedding.

Amy's Bridal Party will be made up of
  • Margaret Clark, her sister 
  • Amanda Anderson, her best friend  
  • Zachary Enright, her best friend 
  • Stephanie Curci, her step-sister
  • Meghan Curci, her step-sister

Full Text of the Ceremony

Scott's Wedding Party will be made up of
  • Charles McNulty, his best friend 
  • Mary Bot, his best friend  
  • John Thomson, his brother  
  • Brian Thomson, his brother 
  • Roger Thomson, his brother 

Picture of the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center

Readings included in the ceremony are taken from:
  • Goodrich vs. The Department of Health, the historic Supreme Court decision which made the state of Massachusetts the first state in the country where civil marriage is a legal right for any consenting adult who loves another. 
  • The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the classic fable about love, loyalty, and "overpowering mystery you don't dare disobey."
  •  White Teeth by Zadie Smith, a novel about race, class, the minefield of gender politics, and the deals we make with god in this new century. 
  • The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket, the twelfth book in Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, the incredibly wise children's books about villains, libraries, love, inventors, carrots and concierges. 
The ceremony will also include a responsive reading titled
Consecration of a Family
, which was written by Amy and Scott for the occasion.

Music for the processional and recessional will be preformed by Amy and Scott's talented musician friends
 David Godowsky on guitar, Becca Prahl on cello, and Heather Brown on french horn.

Picture of JHCC Balcony

The Reception will also be at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center.  Directly after the ceremony, there will be a cocktail hour and receiving line in the lobby.  Then, the reception will take place in main hall and will feature a potluck feast, wine and beer, wedding cake, and dancing.  Music for the reception will be made possible with the help of Amy and Scott's generous friend Emmet Hunter.  The unique and delicious beer for the cocktail hour and reception is made possible with the help of Scott and Amy's wonderful friend Mary Bot.  Their friends Erika Nonken, Mimi LaValley, and Mel Shaw will be helping to cooridnate the potluck and set up and take down the tables and chairs. 

Because Scott and Amy are very concerned with trying to live every part of their lives consciously and mindfully, some things at their wedding and reception might seem different from what can traditionally be expected at a wedding.  

For example, Amy and Scott will walk down the aisle together during the wedding to symbolize their equality as they embark on this journey of love and commitment and hard work. 

And for the reception, Scott and Amy would like to request that rather than bringing traditional wedding gifts, guests please bring food to share at the potluck reception.   Plates for the food, cups for drinks, and eating and serving utensils will be biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and fair trade.  They are made from sugar cane fiber and sold by WorldCentric.

The couple's wedding rings, and Amy's engagement ring, are from GreenKarat which creates unique jewelery which is environmentally and socially responsible, and conflict-free.

Amy and Scott put much thought into the location of their wedding, and decided to celebrate  at a local community center which provides a safe, engaging place that is accessible for all kinds of people to learn about contemporary society, cultural history, and the benefits of the arts.  

And Amy and Scott would also deeply appreciate charitable donations made in their name to an organization that is particularly important to them on their wedding day,
the Human Rights Campaign.