Amy Clark and Scott Thomson's Wedding

Amy and Ally at Thanksgiving

In lieu of gifts, Please drop off food just before the ceremony with our potluck coordinator. 
Facilities to keep your food warm or cold as needed will be available, althought food which can be served room-temperature is greatly appreciated. 
Remember, if most guests are able to bring food to share, each guest need only make several servings of each dish. 
The bride and groom are vegetarian, so while food made with meat is absolutely acceptable, the more vegetarian dishes, the better. 
Beverages, spirits, and a wedding cake will be provided at the reception.  

For those of you who are traveling long distances or  are otherwise unable to cook, Roche Brothers catering is providing some food preparation and delivery service.  If you would like to order something from them to have delivered to the reception, you can visit their website at

or call 617.471.0341and speak to Jean about the Clark/Thomson wedding. 

Remember that bringing food is not obligatory --we already have plenty of food, so if this is difficult or inconvenient, do not worry about bringing anything.  Your presence at our wedding, or your good thoughts for us if you can't be there, is the greatest gift there is.

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Scott and Amy also suggest that charitable donations be made in honor of their wedding to the Human Rights Campaign.

CLICK HERE to make your donation.

Ayia with spiny fruit

Amy and Scott would like assure you that they really do not want wedding gifts of any kind, but would rather that guests bring food and/or make a donation in their name.  Scott and Amy have everything they need, and also have a very small apartment in the city.  We did not register because the most important thing you can do for us is to share in making the celebration special, or contribute to cause that is particularly close to our hearts om our wedding day.

Thank you for your generosity.