Amy Clark and Scott Thomson's Wedding

Amy and Scott Together at Ari's Birthday Party


Amy Lockhart Clark and Scott Eric Thomson will be Married on March 3rd, 2007 at six o'clock at the Jorge Hernandez Cultural Center in Boston, MA.

Amy and Scott Together at Ari's Birthday Party

Amy and Scott are particularly grateful for the love and support of their parents Wayne B. Clark and Christine and Michael Curci, and Peter and Joyce Thomson.  They are also especially grateful to their wedding party: Margaret Clark, Amanda Anderson, Zachary Enright, Stephanie Curci, Meghan Curci, Charles McNulty, Mary Bot, John Thomson, Brian Thomson, and Roger Thomson.


In addition to their love for each other, Amy and Scott are celebrating their families --the families that have supported and nurtured them since birth, helping them become the people they are today, the newer family of friends and acquaintances that surrounds them and supports them in their local community, and the family they have found in each other.


More than anything else, Scott and Amy treasure and value their love for each other and the support of their community of family and friends.  They put much thought into the location of their wedding, and decided to celebrate  at a local community center

They have also decided that the greatest gift friends and family can give them on their wedding day is to be a part of making the celebration special.  With that in mind, Scott and Amy would like to request that rather than bringing traditional wedding gifts, guests please bring food to share at the potluck reception. 
Please email us  when you know what you will be able to bring. 

Amy and Scott would also deeply appreciate charitable donations made in their name to an organization that is particularly important to them on their wedding day,
the Human Rights Campaign.